Finish College in Three Years

Barry Lenson

Finish College in Three Years

College in Three YearsDid you know that you can complete a college degree in only three years? Well, you can. We have written about this topic on this blog before, and pointed out some strategies that can cut at least a year from your college work. They include:

•Earn credit for life experience. To find out how, talk to admissions officers at the colleges where you are applying.

•Pack your high school schedule with lots of advanced placement (AP) classes. It’s a no-cost way to earn college credit and shorten your time on campus.

•Place out of courses in college. Then ask to move up to the next level. •Simply take more courses in each of the semesters when you are in school. Taking five courses in one term might not be easy, but it could save one of those $50,000 annual tuition fees.

•Take courses online at StraighterLine. And then transfer the credit that they carry to another institution through the ACE program. Or take your earned credits and matriculate at one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges.

If you’re interested in pursuing the topic a little further, you might want to check out a book called College in Three Years: Stop Wasting Time and Money by John C. Attig. Perhaps because this book was published in 2002, the author under-stresses the important role that distance learning can play in cutting college time and expenses. (Maybe an updated edition of the book is in the works?) However, we think that some of the strategies he recommends still work well . . .

•Use your high school’s resources to graduate earlier from high school too.

•Attend a community college, and then transfer to another institution.

•Negotiate fees and spend less money when you are going to college.

•Use AP and CLEP exams to reduce the time you will be in school.

In addition, Attig raises an interesting problem. If your college gets wind of your plans to complete college in only three years, could that affect your ability to get financial aid?

If you’re a cost-conscious student – or the parent of one – this book deserves a look.


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