Financial Aid for Online Courses?

Financial Aid for Online Courses?
Beth Dumbauld

The time in which a student can use financial aid, such as a Pell Grant, to help pay for StraighterLine courses may be on its way to becoming a real possibility.

“Political support is building for a system to encourage and oversee higher education upstarts that don't look or act like colleges, such as online course providers and coding boot camps. And these emerging players soon may have a pathway to accreditation and even federal financial aid eligibility, albeit in limited or experimental form.”

That’s the insight from Paul Fain in his recent article for Inside Higher Ed, which highlights StraighterLine's innovative education model of offering affordable general education courses to students in a low risk environment.

“There are many differences among this group, which includes Udacity, General Assembly, StraighterLine and other noninstitutional providers. But none of these companies offers degrees or operates within the heavily regulated confines of traditional colleges.”

Check out Paul’s post to learn more about StraighterLine as a disruptor in higher education, how we save students money, and why there is “rare bipartisan support for new ways of delivering higher education” that is “too strong to be ignored."

Read Original Article at Insider Higher Ed

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