Finals Week: Tweets from Students on the Edge

Barry Lenson

Finals Week: Tweets from Students on the Edge

“According to Twitter, Students Are Stressed Out,” a recent article in The Washington Post, reprints a number of tweets that students have been sending out during finals week. Some are funny, others a little troubling . . .

  • "I wish I had some ritalin like last year for my finals. Im so tired."
  • “Oh. My. Gosh. I should have started studying for my finals weeks ago...”

Other tweets come from students whose computers are crashing, who have three finals packed into a single Monday, and who are trying hard not to get sick.

No doubt about it – finals week is stress week.

But we have a stress-busting suggestion to make. If you fail a course, you can replace the credits with a course at StraighterLine. And a course in the same subject might even be available - Calculus, College Algebra, English Composition, and more. Be sure to check out which online accredited college courses are available.

And there are other reassuring thoughts to keep in mind. The last time you were catastrophizing about how badly you were going to do on your finals, everything turned out fine, right? You did better than you were expecting. And before you knew it, you were home for the holidays catching up on your sleep and visiting with old friends.

Hopefully, thoughts like those will help you stop sweating and remember that finals week is a temporary challenge, like studying for your driving test or preparing for your SATs.  In a few weeks, the discomfort will be only a distant memory.

We wish you good luck. Now, start studying.

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