Finally a College List that Makes Sense

Barry Lenson

As we’ve noted previously on this blog, America seems to be in love with lists of colleges. There are lists of the most beautiful colleges, the most overvalued colleges, the best party schools, the strictest colleges and the most religious schools. The lists go on and on. 

But we just found a list that we actually like, on the College Times blog. It’s a list of the weirdest college mascots in the country. 

Sammy the Banana Slug (University of California – Santa Cruz) – Sammy is a huge yellow slug that visits sporting events. Sports Illustrated named him the top college mascot back in 1992, and he must have gotten tenure, since he hasn’t gone away.

Artie the Fighting Artichoke (Scottsdale Community College) – An anatomically correct artichoke, except for the addition of a face and white-gloved hands.

The Fighting Pickle (North Carolina School of the Arts) – It’s said to be a big crowd-pleaser when the big green pickle dances with cheerleaders at games and events. 

Speedy the Geoduck (Evergreen State College) – Okay since you asked, a Geoduck is a clam. This could be the only clam college mascot in the country, but maybe not. Making a cute clam was a major challenge. 

Keggy the Keg (Dartmouth) – Keggy is a large keg of beer that dances around the field during football games and other events. Apparently Dartmouth students were having a hard time making a costume to represent the official school mascot, “The Big Green.” So they made an anthropomorphic beer keg instead. 

Scrotie the Nads (Rhode Island School of Design) – Okay, we saved the most remarkable for last. Scrotie is a giant walking penis that ambles around at sporting events.  Guess the administration didn’t get to weigh in on Scrotie. If it had, maybe RISDE would have ended up with a more reasonable mascot – like a pickle or a wandering beer keg.  

If you’ve found a better mascot than these, let us know. 

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