Evelyn Malzberg Graduates from College this Month

Barry Lenson

Evelyn Malzberg Graduates from College this Month

Tens of thousands of students are graduating from American colleges and universities this month. One of them is Evelyn Malzberg, and we send our special congratulations to her.

Why are congratulating Evelyn, when she is only one of so many grads? We’ll give you some hints. First of all, we are not congratulating her because she led her college basketball team to an NCAA championship or scored a winning point. Second of all, we are not citing her because she graduated from an Ivy League institution. (Evelyn actually graduated from New Jersey City University in New Jersey.) And she is not a prodigy who graduated college at the age of 12. In fact, Evelyn is a great-grandmother who graduated from college this month at the age of 84 – and that is why we are sending her our special congratulations today.

Why did it take her so long to attend college? In a recent interview with The Star-Ledger, she explains that she actually wanted to go to college when she graduated from high school, but that her mother told her not to, because “. . . no man is going to marry a woman who is smarter than him."

One reason that Evelyn decided to enroll in college is that she wanted to serve as an example for students who are dropping out of school today. “Don’t give up on your dreams,” she tells The Star-Ledger. The Ledger, by the way, has some wonderful pictures of her on its site, and an inspiring video of her graduation.

So of all the grads who are donning caps and gowns this month and getting their diplomas, we want to send a special recognition to Evelyn.

And we would like to make a suggestion for other seniors out there who have put their dreams on hold. Online learning offers a great way to go back to college at any time in your life. It’s already a first choice for men and women who are in the armed forces, for working mothers who have very little time to go to class and for thousands of other students who cannot attend most of their classes in traditional classrooms.
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