Eight Questions Military Personnel Should Ask About the Future

Barry Lenson

Eight Questions Military Personnel Should Ask About the Future

If you’re in the military, be sure to check out “The Surge in Online Military Education,” a new StraighterLine resource for you. It explains in-depth why so many American servicemen and servicewomen are studying and earning degrees online.

If you’re in the military, there is no reason to put your education on hold until you are back in civilian life. Here are some questions that can help you determine if taking online college courses could be a very wise choice for you now:

1.Do you have two or three hours available a week to study online? If so, you should consider starting courses now. If you do, you can earn up to a year’s worth of college credits before you are discharged.

2.Are you ambitious? Great! Online learning prepares you for a career – and a better future – starting today.

3.Are you stationed far away from American colleges? Doesn’t matter. You can study wherever you are, whether you are stationed in South Carolina or South Korea. Your classroom is as close as your nearest computer.

4.Are you going to be sent to a new location? It doesn’t matter, because your classroom is portable. If you are sent to a new place, there is no need to look for a new school. This is another reason why online learning is ideal for military personnel.

5.Do you have a family that depends on you – or will you soon? If so, starting to earn a college degree right now makes a lot of sense. You can start building a better future for your family right now.

6.Is your schedule erratic and crazy? No matter. You don’t have to try to find classes that fit into your weekly schedule.  Your college classes start whenever you log in.

7.Are you stationed halfway around the world? Time zones are irrelevant. You can take college classes if you are in a time zone that is far from the U.S.

8.Are you disciplined and smart? Of course you are, but that makes sense. Most people who are in the military fill the bill in those areas.

How did you answer those questions? We hope that they showed you that there is no need to put your dreams on hold just because you are serving our country. You can start building a better future today.

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