Don’t Go to College!

Barry Lenson

Mounds of research shows that going to college is the dumbest idea you’ll ever have. Here are a few reasons . . .

You’re going to pay a ton more in income tax. The U.S. Census Bureau figures that a high school graduate will earn $1.2 million during his or her working life. In contrast, a college grad will earn $2.1 million.  So figure it out for yourself. If you go to college, you are going to pay income tax on an extra $.9 million during your lifetime – and pay a whopping $300,000 more in tax. (Assuming you’re in a 30% tax bracket.) So going to college is a bad idea. Don’t do it.

Your greedy kids are only going to want to go to college too. That’s right. Over the years, a variety of studies have shown that if you go to college, your uppity kids are going to want to go too. They’re also going to buy expensive books to read. Let’s face facts – lazy kids are cheaper to raise. That’s another reason to refuse to go to college.

People are going to want you to work harder. They will suffer from the misconception that you are intelligent, and expect more from you. There go your chances of hiding out for your whole professional career, because college condemns you to a life of responsibility and hard work. You might even end up with the heavy responsibility of owning a company of your own. The only way to prevent these problems is to call it quits after high school and enjoy a simpler life.

You’re going to end up living in a mansion. Because college graduates earn more than high school grads, they usually end up living in nicer homes – and the costs can really add up. And then there’s the flip side of the problem: If you graduate college with student loans, that can make it harder to qualify for a mortgage, so you’ll end up living in a lean-to. No mistake about it, College Grad! Either way, you lose.

But If You Seriously Want a Better Life . . .

Go to college, but spend less to do it!

Thanks to distance learning, it can be done. And after you get your degree, all the disadvantages listed above can be yours.

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