Don’t Get Stiffed on Credit Transfers

Barry Lenson

Transferring College CreditWhen colleges don’t accept transfer credits, students get hurt.

Here’s a case study from World Law Direct, an organization that gives online advice to people with legal problems . . .

Can I Sue My College? - I am going into my sophomore year at a private college. At the end of July, the administration sent an email saying they are dropping 5 majors, 1 of which I was majoring in, accounting. Those 5 majors will cease to exist at my school next academic year. They said you could either transfer or switch majors. I am trying to transfer to a public 4 year university after this semester. I'm currently talking to an adviser at the new school to see how my credits transfer. I believe I acquired $7,500 in debt . . . The new adviser [at the new school] told me all my credits will transfer, but that doesn't mean they will apply to what they were originally going to apply to at my old school. If this sets me back from the 4 years it was suppose to take me to graduate, is it possible to sue my first school for money lost and also for the time after college when I would be working? By that, I mean, if I am forced to be in college for a total of 5 years to graduate, could I sue for the 5th year saying that I could have had a professional job by then and would be getting paid, demanding I get compensation for time lost?

Scary, isn’t it?

But it’s a problem you won’t have if you take courses at StraighterLine. We’ve just launched a College Transfer Center on our Website that answers your questions about transferring college credits to either our Partner Colleges, or to hundreds of other colleges through the American Council on Education.

And to further protect your money and time, we’re now offering a Credit Transfer Money-Back Guarantee. Find out how it can work for you.

Although transferring credits can be tricky, StraighterLine is taking the fear out of higher education by helping to assure that you get credit when credit is due.

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