Don’t Be Scared of Online Courses Just Because It’s Halloween

Barry Lenson

Don’t Be Scared of Online College Courses Just Because It’s Halloween

It’s a ton of fun to be scared on Halloween. Leaves blow down the street. It gets dark early. The doorbell rings and there are all those cute little kids dressed as pirates and princesses. Then after dinner there are bigger kids looking spookier and spookier. And of course, all those scary movies show up on cable.

Yup, it’s fun to be scared in those ways. But less fun to be scared about some other topics, a lot of which are on people’s minds these days . . .

  • “I’m scared about paying for college . . .”
  • “I’m scared about repaying my student loans . . .”
  • “I’m scared that I won’t do well enough on my SATs to get into the college I want to attend . . . “
  • “I’m scared  that I won’t be able to go to college because I have to work a job . . .”
  • “I’m scared that when I get out of the military, I’ll be too old to start college . . .”
  • “I’m scared about finding a job . . .”
  • “I’m scared that I’m going to lose my job . . .”

You’re getting the idea. It’s no fun to be worried about your future. But here’s some good news. Taking economical college courses online drains the anxiety from all the fears that are listed above.  If you don’t do well on standardized tests, for example, you can start taking courses at StraighterLine anyway, and then start college at one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges. If you’re having a hard time juggling work and studies, you can take your online courses in the evening, or the early morning. If you’re in the military, you can start taking courses online now and transition easily into civilian life. And if you’re concerned about your job future, taking the right online courses is a great way to train for a new profession.

So if you want to be scared on Halloween, go for it. But you’ll enjoy your Goosebumps a lot more if your education is not one of your fears.

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