Does Your High School Guidance Counselor Know about StraighterLine?

Barry Lenson

Are you working with a high school guidance counselor? If so, it might be a good time to point out that StraighterLine’s courses can play an important role in preparing you for college . . .

StraighterLine courses can help you make important career choices. If you think you might be interested in becoming an accountant, for example, why not take Accounting I at StraighterLine while you are still in high school? Or if you are thinking of majoring in business, why not take Business Statistics? The lessons you learn can guide you to the right career, and to the school that does the best job of preparing you for it.

StraighterLine lets you prepare strategically for courses that your college will require. If you’ll have to take English Composition in your first year at college, for example, why not take it ahead of time at StraighterLine? You’ll arrive on campus prepared for that class, and prepared to succeed. Also: You might be able to get college credit for that course. To learn more, CLICK HERE

StraighterLine courses prepare you for college success. They let you experience what it is like to be a college student, before you arrive on campus. You’ll follow a course syllabus, have required reading assignments, use applicable software, submit written assignments, and get feedback and direction from your professor. I’d say that taking StraighterLine courses is just like going to college, but that would be incorrect. Because when you take StraighterLine courses you are going to college.

So if your college counselor doesn’t know about StraighterLine, perhaps you should mention it. It’s a tool for college success that he or she should know about.


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