Crazy College News of the Week

Barry Lenson

Crazy College News of the Week

College News of the WeekCurious things start to happen when students and other people get to college.  Here’s are some recent stories of life on campus . . .

  • Police discover that Boston University students have been coated with condiments. When police responded to a complaint about loud music coming from Alpha Epsilon Pi - an “unofficial” BU fraternity - they discovered a basement full of young men who had been coated with salt, flour, mustard and other condiments, as though they were chicken wings about to be fried. None of the buffalo-wings-in-the-making pressed charges or needed medical treatment, according to accounts.
  • Admissions OOPS at UCLA. A total of 894 students who had applied to UCLA got letters of acceptance a few weeks ago. The only problem was, they had only gotten onto the university’s waiting list, and the school had to retract the offers and apologize. You can read all about it in The Los Angeles Times.
  • Arkansas football coach apparently mistakes a young woman on a motorcycle for his wife and children. Bobby Petrino, the winning football coach at the University of Arkansas, allegedly told people that he was off enjoying some quality time with his wife and kids at a lake. Reports now say that Petrino, age 51, was actually riding around on a motorcycle with a 25-year-old former U of A volleyball player and when the motorcycle crashed, things started to unravel. According to a report in The Washington Times, Petrino is now under investigation for helping to get a job for the young woman at the school.
  • College senior creates recipes that use ingredients found in vending machines.  Maria Russo, a resourceful senior at Barnard College who writes the Small Kitchen College Blog, offers up a series of recipes that can be very useful if the munchies hit you at 2:00 A.M., when all the food stores near your campus are closed. You can, she suggests, melt a Hershey’s bar and stir it into a container of yogurt. She also suggests crumbling salty vending machine snacks into ice cream, if you have some on hand. She also suggests tossing a handful of Goldfish into a container of soup. It all sounds good to us! Way to go, Maria!

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