Course Hero Blog Puts “Outrageous Hidden Costs of College” at $23,010 a Year

Barry Lenson

Course Hero Blog Puts “Outrageous Hidden Costs of College” at $23,010 a Year

According to the Course Hero Blog, a year at college is going to cost you more than just tuition – a LOT more. Course Hero figures that you’re going to pony up an additional $23,010 for room and board and extras.

By the way, Course Hero has a terrific graphic on its site that displays all the extra costs on a very nifty, Monopoly-like game board. According to the chart, these are some of the hidden extras that many students pay every year . . .

  • Alcohol - $2,600
  • Coffee - $1,800
  • Clothing - $750
  • Entertainment - $4,000
  • Books and supplies - $1,137
  • Computing costs - $425 (assumes that you’ll use one $1,700 laptop for four years)
  • Room and board - $7,999
  • Transportation - $1,073
  • Activity/social fees - $700
  • Cell phone - $756
  • Greek dues - $600
  • Sporting events - $50
  • Food - $750
  • Lab fees - $120
  • Spring break - $500
  • Practice room rental (for music students) - $150

Of course, there are ways to trim some of those expenses. Nobody is making you join a fraternity or drink alcoholic beverages or head to the tropics for spring break.

But heck. While you’re at college, you have to live a little, right? Maybe even go to a concert or a football game. But as you plan your budget, remember that the cost of just about everything – from gasoline to cold cuts – seems to be going up quickly. Maybe Course Hero will have to raise its $23,010 estimate to $25,000 next year.

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