Cool Holiday Presents for College Students

Barry Lenson

Cool Holiday Presents for College Students

Cool Holiday Presents for College Students  If you’re clueless about what to buy a college student for the holidays, your good friends at StraighterLine are happy to offer some advice.

The first thing is, stay away from technology. You probably think it is a nifty idea to give something high-tech, like an iPad docking station or a solar cell phone charger or a headphones. But it’s risky, and chances are pretty good that you will buy the wrong thing. The only safe way to buy technology is to ask your student exactly what he or she wants or buy a gift card to an electronics retailer. (See below.)

But don’t give up. Here are some great gift choices – most priced at less than $100 . . .

  • Luxury soap, lotions and other goo. Caswell-Massey used to make George Washington’s aftershave lotion. Today the company offers dozens and dozens of upscale toiletries and soaps, many priced lower than you’d expect.
  • A gift card for shopping at Target, BestBuy, or any other big-name retailer. You can’t go wrong with one of these.
  • A refillable Starbucks Card. You can buy one in a Starbucks location, or order online. Let’s face it – all college students need caffeine. The cool thing about this card is, you can go online and add more funds to it at birthdays or other special times.
  • An gift card. now sells everything from books to coffee makers. Virtually all college students shop at this online retailer, so an gift card can’t miss.  You can even go online and have a virtual gift card emailed to your recipient. What could be easier than that?
  • A posh bathrobe. These are also essential for lounging or galloping down dormitory hallways to unisex bathrooms. A company called sells tons and tons of different robes that range from big and thick to terrycloth kimonos to waffle robes. Note that waffle robes are not actually made of waffles, they are just made of cotton that has a waffle-like weave.
  • Courses at StraighterLine – If you are a generous soul, you can give a complete freshman year of college at StraighterLine for less than $1,000. Jaws will drop when your student tells people that your Christmas present was a year of college.

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