Consider Your Learning Style when Picking a College of Online Courses

Barry Lenson

Picking a CollegePeople consider many factors when picking colleges or deciding to become online students. What is a college’s reputation, for example? Does it offer a range of interesting and appropriate majors? Is it affordable?

Those are important factors to consider. However according to Dr. Robert J. Massa, you should also think about your learning style when picking an institution of higher learning. Dr. Massa, who is vice president for communications at Lafayette College and a former dean of admissions at Johns Hopkins University, laid out these points in “A Key Factor in the College Search: Your Learning Style,” an article that he wrote for The New York Times on Nov. 19, 2012 . . .

  • Consider how you learn best. Dr. Massa asks, “Are you an independent learner or do you need direction? . . . Do you feel you learn best in big settings, like lecture halls, or smaller venues, like seminar rooms?”
  • Think about what you enjoy learning. You might not know what you want to major in, Dr. Massa states, “But you should know what you enjoy learning about.” That knowledge can help guide you to both the right school and the right major.

And Don't Forget Online Learning Either  . . .

In his article, Dr. Massa doesn’t dwell on online learning. But since that’s what we are all about at StraighterLine, we’ll take the liberty of mentioning it. If you really like to learn online – and many of us do – that could be an indication that colleges that offer many distance learning options could be good choices for you too.

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