Community Colleges in Crisis: Did You Know there’s a Crisis in California?

Barry Lenson

CA Community Colleges CrisisThe City College of San Francisco, the largest college in California, is only the latest community college in California to shift into full crisis mode.

Here are the outlines of the crisis, as reported in “City College Of San Francisco Asks For Extension To Prevent Shutdown,” an article by Aaron Sankin that was published on Huffington Post on January 9th. 

  • Last November voters in San Francisco voted to increase funding for City College. However, the college was only given until March 15, 2013, to implement 14 improvements to get its finances organized.  One problem? The school has been spending a 92% of its operating budget on payroll and benefits and has to correct that.
  • It has become clear that City College will not be able to meet those demands. The result will be that the college will lose its accreditation. According to Sankin’s article, a loss of accreditation “would almost inevitably result in its closure.”
  • A special trustee appointed by the college intends to ask accreditors to either: 1) Extend the deadline so the school has more time to meet the demands, or; 2) Place the school on probation.
  • Faculty members are jumping ship and applying for jobs elsewhere.
  • Other California community colleges have their own accreditation crises too. They include College of the Redwoods and Cuesta Community College in San Luis Obispo.

Okay, that’s terrible. Everybody hates to see a college get in trouble. But for us, the real tragedy centers on what will happen to 90,000 students who now attend classes at about a dozen of the college’s campuses. What will happen to them?

As City College’s faculty members look for opportunities elsewhere, we have a suggestion for students at the college. Look elsewhere too. If your school closes its doors and shutters its classrooms, you could be able to take the courses you need online here at StraighterLine, earn the credits you need, and keep your educational progress on track. Check out our course selection and find the courses you need to complete your degree.

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