Community College Courses Most Likely to Be Closed Out

Barry Lenson

If you’re a college student, you know that the day you get to sign up for classes online is a lot like lining up to start a marathon. You and everybody else fire up your computers at the same moment. With luck, your college’s server is robust and you can get logged on. And with still more luck, you can get into the course you need. But in many cases, you can’t. That’s why more and more community college students are using online courses as back-up choices.

How many students at community colleges are opting for online courses that are offered by institutions that are not their community colleges? Up-to-the-minute statistics are not available. However, here are the results of a study of 1,205 community college students conducted by Harris Interactive for the Pearson Foundation in August and September of 2011:

  • 57% of the community college student studied reported that they had taken college courses online.
  • 46% of the students reported that they were taking at least one online course during the fall 2011 semester.
  • 74% of the students said they were “satisfied” with the online courses they had taken.
  • 39% of the students said they would like to take all their courses online.

That study seems to chase away any doubts about whether community college students are opting to study online.

Now, which courses are community college students most like to take online? That’s a very good question, but answers to it are hard to find. I would be willing to bet that a lot of the courses are ones that students need to pursue training for a particular career. If you are studying to be a medical biller and coder, for example, you are going to need to take a course in human anatomy and physiology. 

But I am also willing to bet that students are also taking some of the core curriculum courses that they need to graduate college. Courses like these . . .

  • English Composition I - No matter what you study or where you go to college, English Composition I is required for graduation.
  • Science classes of all kinds – Most colleges require students to take a science course, often one with a lab component.
  • Western Civilization I - Western Civilization I, or History 101, is a required course at many colleges and universities, regardless of your major.

So if you’re a community college student and you fire up your computer on registration day and you can’t get the courses you need, don’t hit the panic button. If you check out the courses offered here at StraighterLine, chances are you will find exactly what you need.

California Countdown

If you’re a student at Santa Ana College, January 28th will be your last day to register for classes this term. Will you get the courses you need? If not, StraighterLine could have the classes you are looking for.

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