Come to My Laboratory!

Barry Lenson

In classic movies like “Frankenstein” and “Young Frankenstein,” laboratories are shown as dark places where lightning bolts fly, test tubes bubble, and unspeakable deeds are done. Brain transplants are the first deed that comes to mind.

For lots of college students, laboratories are just about that terrifying too.  On the first day of college, students are told that in order to graduate they need to complete not just a science course, but a science course that includes a “laboratory requirement.”  So off the students go to the lab, where they mix solutions (chemistry), dissect animals (biology) and train white rats to request food pellets by jumping up and down on levers (psychology).  Brain transplants don’t usually happen until medical school.

The lab requirement has always posed an obstacle for distance learners – people who learn online. How can a student dissect an earthworm using his Dell laptop, for example? How can a student mix chemicals on her MacBook?

Well, thanks to our brilliant educational engineers, StraighterLine is now offering two science courses that satisfy college laboratory requirements . . .

These exciting new courses present a real breakthrough in online education, so be sure to check them out if you need a laboratory science to graduate. They're A-LIVE! And they’re so good, they could make your brains fall out.

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