College Students: Did You Get Your Flu Shot Yet?

Barry Lenson

There’s no doubt about the fact that a flu epidemic (or near-epidemic anyhow) is happening right now across the United States. If you doubt it, a map that you can see online at the KYPost blog will convince you that the epidemic really is happening.

That post also contains state-by-state information on just how bad the flu outbreak is in just about every state except Hawaii, where few cases are reported. Here are just a few statistics . . .

  • Connecticut - There were 1,680 confirmed cases of flu as of Jan. 5.
  • Indiana – Fifteen people have died from the flu.
  • Ohio – About 2,000 people with the flu have been hospitalized since October.

That’s just a small sample. The grim statistics go on and on. So, how can you keep from getting the flu?

  • You can keep out of closed rooms where there are a lot of other people, like college lecture halls and classrooms.
  • You can avoid eating in places where a lot of other people are eating and sneezing and handling food, like college cafeterias.
  • You can avoid using exercise equipment that has been touched and used by a lot of other people in places like college gym workout rooms.

Okay, I have made my point, and not too subtly. If you really want to get the flu, one of your best options is to go to college.

So if you are a college student, here’s a little advice. Since there is no way you can really get away from all those germy other students, go today and get yourself a flu shot. You can get one at just about any pharmacy that’s near you. If you attend college, you can almost certainly get one at your college’s health center. They cost about $35, probably only a few bucks at your college infirmary. It takes about 10 minutes to get one. So you don’t really have any excuses that I can see. By the way, I got my flu shot yesterday and it was really no big deal.

So unless you’re eager to lie around for week or more with a fever and body aches and a nose that’s spouting like a fire hose, go out and get a flu shot today. Tell them the StraighterLine Blog sent you.

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