College Should Be . . .

Barry Lenson

Our fans and students respond to our “fill in the blank” invitation on Facebook 

StraighterLine recently set up a special Facebook page and invited visitors to fill in the blank in the statement “College should be ________.”

Talk about fun! Here’s a quick summary of some of the comments that StraighterLine students and fans have slugged into that blank line.

College should be . . .

  • “About parting!” says Ismail Hasan (We think he meant “partying,” but let’s not split hairs.)
  • “Affordable,” say Susan Selinsky Martin and Shanna Rogers
  • “Cheap,” say Bilal Ahmed and Tracy Moore
  • “Cheaper,” say Mandy Gauger, Annette Hill Gonder, and Ty Wallace
  • “Cheaper and a guarantee for a career,” says Theresa Young
  • “Cheaper and possible for everyone!” says Cheyenne Dawn Studer
  • “Financially flexible,” says Brittany Hegenator
  • “Free,” say Tracy Clark, Sherry Kramer Davis, Lisa Dostie, Sean A McCarthy, Eric Pace, and Laurine Yandoli
  • “Free for everyone,” says Mike Emard
  • “Fun,” say Harold Goffeney and Lisa Smith
  • “Funner and free,” says Missy Baumann
  • “A guarantee that you will get a job,” says Valerie Cooke Stoner
  • “Required and free,” says Don Holmes
  • “Rewarding,” says Bert Walker

Visit the page and let us know what you think college should be...

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