College Fashion and Humor: Top 9 Highlights from the StraighterLine Blog

Barry Lenson

College Fashion and Humor: Top 9 Highlights from the StraighterLine Blog

Over the last year, the StraighterLine blog has turned its attention to the funny side of American college education. Here are some highlights . . .

Six Ways to Go to College in Your PJs (June 24, 2010)

Do you want to go to college wearing the same thing you wore in bed? Well, why not? It’s a brave new pajama world of higher education. So be pajama brave – and wear anything you want. [Read more]

World’s Most Dangerous School Clothing Revealed! (September 14, 2010)

What are jeggings? A combination between jeans and leggings that are HOT! And it’s official. Jeggings are the most subversive form of clothing that young women have ever worn to school. [Read more]

Crazy Stories in American Higher Education (June 04, 2010)

Brian Corman, a valedictorian at Columbia, gave a great graduation speech. The only problem was, it was a little too great. Turns out he had lifted a lot of it from a comedy routine that he had found on YouTube. [Read more]

Don’t Go to College! (July 19, 2010)

Don’t make a horrible mistake! Mounds of research shows that going to college is the dumbest idea you’ll ever have. [Read more]

Wipe Out! Texas A&M Cuts Toilet Paper . . . (August 05, 2010)

When it comes to cutting costs, American colleges are looking everywhere. In its effort to cut costs, Texas A&M did the unthinkable. [Read more]

Paying for College or a New Corvette - You Decide (September 28, 2010)

College costs are out of control. American universities now take in $40 billion a year more than they did in 1980. And more of that money pays for activities that have nothing to do with education. Example: The University of North Carolina at Durham now spends $20,000 a year on each varsity golfer. [Read more]

The Birth of Distance Learning (October 11, 2010)

My children, I want to tell you a story from the dawn of time. We are talking about a time when a computer was as big as an elephant, when the Internet did not exist and when a mouse was something you didn’t want in your kitchen. Yet even in those days of bearskins and clubs, distance learning did exist, in the form of correspondence courses. [Read more]

StraighterLine Wants a New Version of the Game of Life (November 15, 2010)

Hasbro, please think about it, Hasbro. If you can produce those special versions of Monopoly for Atlantic City, for Sponge Bob Square Pants and for Florida State University, can’t you publish a StraighterLine Game of Life special edition for us?  [Read more]

Henry David Thoreau Went to StraighterLine (November 29, 2010)

If StraighterLine had been around when Henry David Thoreau was alive, he would have been a student here. If his cabin on Walden Pond had been equipped with WiFi, he would have logged right on and started taking courses online. [Read more]

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