"College Conspiracy" Video Highlights Occupying Students’ Tuition Complaints

Barry Lenson

“College Conspiracy” Video Highlights Students’ Tuition Complaints

“College Conspiracy,” an explosive video from The National Inflation Association that you can watch on YouTube.com, lays out the litany of complaints that lie behind the student tuition protests that are a backbone of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests.

If you’re concerned about the soaring costs of college, we urge you to watch this video. It’s strong stuff – and you might not agree with all of the views it expresses – but you’ll encounter some opinions like these . . .

  • Students and their families have been brainwashed to believe that success hinges on a college degree.
  • Inflation in the cost of college has outrun general inflation, to the point where college has become out of reach for a growing number of American families.
  • In the current recession, employment prospects do not improve as a result of getting a college degree.
  • Textbook publishers have implemented a plan that makes expensive textbooks go quickly obsolete – and devoid of resale value after only a year of use.
  • Real estate prices have plummeted at the same time that college costs have soared.
  • College administrators are aware that they are using deceptive practices to convince students that college is worth the cost – but continue to perpetrate the myth anyway.
  • College student debt has become a new economic “bubble” that threatens to burst, destabilizing the American economy. It now exceeds credit card debt.

As we say, it is an explosive video. Why not watch and share your opinions about it here?

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