College Application Fees Soar

Barry Lenson

College Application Fees Soar

Sure everybody’s grumpy about the rising cost of tuition at American colleges and universities. But what about the cost of applying?

We just found a blog that lists 10 of the highest application fees in America  . . .

$90 - Stanford University.

$80 - Columbia University.

$75 - Boston University, Brown University, Duke University, Drexel University, George Mason University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Delaware.

Doesn’t sound that bad, you say? Well maybe not, until you consider that the average high school student today applies to a dozen schools. If you do the math, you’ll see that those kids and their parents are spending upwards of $1,000 just for application fees. And don’t forget the cost of standardized tests, tutoring, travel to visit campuses, and more.

Just another indication that the cost of getting a college degree is out of control in America. Don’t you agree?

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