College Algebra: StraighterLine Launches Free Instructional Videos Online

Barry Lenson

College Algebra Online New Videos Explain the Concepts


If you’re studying college algebra – or haven’t in a while and want to brush up – now’s your chance to review and learn college algebra online, thanks to a series of free new videos that StraighterLine has just launched on YouTube.

If you want to sample one of these free math classes online, it’s easy. Just watch StraighterLine’s newest free YouTube video, “College Algebra - Add or Subtract Rational Expressions.”

College Algebra OnlineThis video offers step-by-step guidance on how to complete the subtraction problem that is shown to your left.  Looks complicated, doesn’t it? It sure does, with all those complex statements in the numerators and denominators in both the fractions on either side of the minus sign. Yet thanks to some clear guidance from the StraighterLine instructor, you’ll quickly be able to simplify all those numbers, crunch them together and end up with an answer that is so simple that . . . well, you have to watch and see it for yourself. As you do, you’ll get a good idea of just how excellent StraighterLine courses really are.

StraighterLine will be launching more videos soon, so stay tuned to this blog and keep an eye for them on YouTube.


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