City College of San Francisco in Crisis

Barry Lenson

“I can guarantee you that if this institution cannot fix its problems, it will lose its accreditation.” - Brice Harris, chancellor of the California Community Colleges system, quoted in The Chronicle.

City College of San Francisco in CrisisIn a blog post last January, we noted that The City College of San Francisco, the largest community college in California, had shifted into full crisis mode. The college had to fix its finances by March 15, 2013, or it risked losing its accreditation. Meanwhile, students were in limbo about what would happen to their school, which is one of the biggest community colleges in America.

So, what has happened since then?

“City College of San Francisco has a year to prove it can govern itself,” an article by Lois Kazakoff in The San Francisco Chronicle on July 11th, provided these updates . . . 

  • The state community college board has appointed a special trustee to take over the governance of the College, because the existing board was not capable of managing the college or its finances. Now the college has one more year to fix its problems.
  • Some members of the faculty have complained that they are being treated unfairly by the body that accredits the College. They feel that they are being held to higher standards than faculty members at other community colleges.
  • The College’s accreditation is in danger. And with it, so is the educational future of its 90,000 students.

Learn more about the CA Community College crisis in this Free Download.

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