Chinese New Year: The Year of the Snake will be Good for Education

Barry Lenson

The Year of the SnakeFebruary 10th will usher in The Year of the Snake. Happy Chinese New Year! But what will the Year of the Snake mean for you and other students?

I am certainly no expert on Chinese astrology. But I just spent a very productive few hours combing the Internet for information on what we can all do to make the most progress during the Year of the Snake. And I have to say that to my non-astrological eyes, it looks like this year will be a very good one for kicking off new educational projects.

Here’s what I found out . . .

  • Snakes are kind of sneaky and sly. But that’s a good thing if you are trying to get more educated and successful. It means that you can make a lot of progress this year if you pay attention to details and pause to reflect before you take action.
  • If you have a strong drive to get ahead, that ambition will be supported this year. I read about this in a number of articles about The Year of the Snake. If you have big plans, you won’t encounter too much resistance as you try to make them become real this year. If you’ve ever had a year when it feels like you bet blocked at every step, for example, this year won’t be like that.
  • This could also be a year when you suddenly discover a new interest or career direction. If you suddenly do find a new interest, however, it’s best to explore it slowly and methodically. You need to be kind of like a snake moving along a path in the woods, finding new things as you go.
  • It’s also a good time to make a fresh start. Snakes have eyes that point forward. They means that they do a better job of looking ahead than looking backwards. So don’t spend a lot of time looking back at what went wrong in the past. Now’s a good time to look ahead. Hey, it’s good to be a snake.

Okay, what’s Bad about The Year of the Snake?

There had to be some bad stuff, right? And there apparently is. Individuals who were born in Years of the Snake apparently have a tendency to spend money somewhat recklessly. And apparently, that tendency is something that we all need to guard against this year.

One good way to avoid spending too much money, it seems to me, is to take online classes here at StraighterLine instead of spending a ton more for them elsewhere. That’s not Chinese astrology talking, by the way. It’s just common sense.

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