Chicago Announces New Hybrid Schools to Serve Students Better

Barry Lenson

Chicago Announces New Hybrid Schools to Serve Students Better

Chicago Announces New Hybrid Schools to Serve Students BetterWhenever different kinds of institutions come together and combine, students usually experience significant benefits. For example, a number of American universities now have programs that let pre-medical students begin medical school while they are still in college. As a result, those students can save a year or more of college, and a bundle of money.

We’ve just learned that the city of Chicago, in cooperation with IBM, is planning to open five new schools where students will complete high school and earn two-year associates degrees at the same time. It’s an innovative idea, even though it may take some students more than four years to earn both the high school diploma and associates degrees.

You can read all about these new schools it in “CPS to roll out high school-college hybrid,” an article by Joel Hood in The Chicago Tribune. Here are some highlights . . .

  • Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel obtained a $400,000 challenge grant from IBM to start the program.
  • The new schools will specialize in training students in technical areas, including computer technology and engineering.
  • As early as ninth grade, students will be paired with mentors from IBM and other companies who will offer advice on finding employment after graduation.
  • There will be a strong emphasis on training students to be employment-ready. And exceptional graduates will be considered for entry-level jobs at IBM.

It’s encouraging to see that a growing number of people and institutions are looking for ways to reduce unemployment by training students for success in the real world. Thanks to programs like these, American competitiveness in the world should improve too.

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