Can Your Son or Daughter Finish College Online without Returning to Campus?

Barry Lenson

Finish College OnlineIt’s not often that a post on this blog is written for parents. Today, however, let’s explore a question that more parents seem to be asking lately . . .

“How can my kid finish up online and earn a degree at the college he [or she] was attending until recently?”

Usually parents only ask this question when they, or their kids, encounter some kind of problem. I heard this question from one man, for example, who lost his job and had to ask his son to drop out of a small, expensive private college. I also heard it from a woman whose daughter had to withdraw from a state university because of her health problems.

Unfortunately, there is no easy, “one size fits all” answer to the question, because different students need to complete different courses in order to graduate . . .

  • If your son or daughter needs to complete a few courses from a college’s core curriculum (courses that all students at a college are expected to take before they can graduate), then chances are pretty good that online courses will do the trick. Here at StraighterLine, for example, you’ll find an excellent selection of the same courses that most colleges require – courses like English Composition,  U.S. History, College Algebra, or a lab science course – that your son or daughter can take online for credit. Transferring credit hours to his or her regular college is then a fairly straightforward process.  Plus, StraighterLine courses cost much less than on-campus courses do.
  • If your son or daughter needs to complete more advanced courses in his or her major, it will generally be more difficult to complete them online. Your best bet will probably be to find similar courses at other colleges near your home. Just be sure to get your son or daughter’s regular college to approve any courses ahead of time, and to explain the procedure for getting credit for them that will fulfill graduation requirements. Bear in mind too that college courses that are offered at nearby colleges might not be any cheaper than the same classes would be at your son or daughter’s regular college.

We hope this information helps you make the best decision about your child’s education. Best wishes for his or her future success!

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