Can College Be Free, or Free(ish)?

Can College Be Free, or Free(ish)?
Beth Dumbauld

In a recent article published in The Chronicle of Higher Ed, Goldie Blumenstyk provides an overview of alternative college course providers that are successfully reducing the cost of college for many students. Included in a list that he describes as having “the most prominent prominent free and free(ish) options” is StraighterLine.

"StraighterLine... offers an unusual low-cost option, charging a $99-a-month subscription plus a $49-per-course fee. StraighterLine’s offerings now total 60 courses. Its founder, Burck Smith, said that with its approach, a student risks very little financially "until you succeed." At current prices, 10 courses a year costs a student $1,300. The company also provides mentoring for students.”

Blumenstyk’s article, When College is Free, or Free(ish), offers a great description of StraighterLine's ability to offer affordable general education courses to students in a low risk environment.

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Check out Blumenstyk’s article to learn more about how StraighterLine is growing its network of partner colleges and helping students save money on their college degree.

Read Original Article at The Chronicle of Higher Ed

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