California Community Colleges May Cut 400,000 Students

Barry Lenson

California Community Colleges May Cut 400,000 Students

From New Jersey to California, state governments are slashing educational expenditures to balance their budgets.

It’s a bad situation that just got a lot worse. The Los Angeles Times and other publications are reporting that California is about to put its community college system through the budgetary wringer, with the result that 400,000 fewer students will be able to enroll.  (Three million students are currently in the system.)

This is very bad news for California and its students, for more reasons than first meet the eye . . .

  • California’s community colleges offer career training in fields that actually promise employment. Therefore, the cuts will both negatively impact the lives of students and create more unemployment in the state.
  • California’s community colleges have helped tens of thousands of students gain entry into California’s state university system.  Now that pathway to a degree-granting institution will be largely cut off.

So, what are California’s students to do? It would be tempting to say that they can just take jobs for a few years and then start college, but jobs are scarce.

Online learning can offer a solution to these students. Even if community colleges have fallen on hard times, distance learners can still start college economically, then move on to degree-granting programs later on.

So even though the shakeout in American higher education just got even more badly shaken, attractive options still exist for students who are resourceful enough to continue their educations online.


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