Busted Myth of the Week: You Can’t Start College this Fall

Barry Lenson

Busted Myth of the Week: You Can’t Start College this Fall

college mythsIf your friends are packing their bags for college and you’re not, you probably assume that it is too late to join them and start college this September. Not so! Here are some options that will let you start college in the next few weeks, even if you haven’t enrolled yet.

  • Check out course offerings at local community colleges. Community colleges are forgiving and user-friendly. Most all of them allow students to simply sign up and go to class, without having to take standardized tests, get letters of recommendation, fill out the common application online, or go through any of the other complicated application steps. Most require only a high school diploma and transcript. Better yet, it is relatively easy to start out at most community colleges and transfer to regular four-year state universities and colleges in your state.
  • Sign up for online courses here at StraighterLine. You can jump in right now and start knocking off those required freshman courses, and at minimal cost too. You can even enroll in StraighterLine’s cost-effective Freshman Year of College for $999 program. And when you have completed your courses online, you can easily transfer your credits to the regular college that you will attend next year, or transfer directly into one of StraighterLine’s excellent Partner Colleges, like Thomas Edison State College, Colorado State Online University, or others. It’s one easy, cost-effective way to jump-start your college education.

Better yet, the two options above allow you to start college now, no matter what your personal situation is. If you are working a job, you can take community college courses, or StraighterLine online courses, in the evenings. If you are a single or working parent, you can do the same.  If you are finishing up your time in the National Guard, the Army, or another branch of the armed forces, you can start college now, then keep studying when you return to civilian life.

So is to too late to start college this fall? The answer is a resounding no! And better yet, you can get started today.

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