Busted Myth of the Week: Smart People Don’t Go to Summer School

Barry Lenson

Busted Myth of the Week: Smart People Don’t Go to Summer School

There’s a common belief that summer school is for people who are retaking courses that they messed up earlier on. Sure, some people do retake courses in summer school to improve grades – and what’s wrong with that? But the fact is, there are a lot of other very good reasons to take courses during the summer . . .

To prepare for classes that you will take in the fall. Think of it as “frontloading” so you can earn a better grade and ease your workload when school starts.

To “test drive” possible college majors. Taking a course in science or business, for example, can be a great way to evaluate a college major or career path.  

To complete core curriculum courses, so you won’t have to take them during the regular school year. It’s a great idea to tackle them over the summer, so they won’t clog your schedule during the school year.

To build your profile so you’ll be a stronger applicant when you apply to college. The right online course can even help you pass AP and CLEP exams and earn credits before you arrive on campus.

To simply take a course in something that you’d like to learn about.  If you’re eager to explore a topic like anatomy or algebra, studying it online can turn your summer into an opportunity to learn.

To add a skill that you need to qualify or a specific job. If you’re applying for a job in healthcare, for example, summer could be the time to learn the medical terminology that will get you hired.

So you see, there are plenty of very intelligent reasons to take courses during the summer. if you are really, really bright, you can take them in the smartest way possible – online.


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