Busted Myth of the Week: It Takes 20 Years to Save $$$ for College

Barry Lenson

Have you heard the common wisdom that you can only go to college if your parents have been setting aside money for 15 years or more to pay for your education?

It’s not true – not even today, when tuition costs are soaring higher and higher at most American Colleges and Universities.

It’s not true because the cost of online education is dropping dramatically.

In fact, our role in bringing low-cost college courses to students everywhere was recently noted on the Huffington Post, where blogger Tom Van Der Ark wrote, “A few new online colleges like StraighterLine offer an even cheaper do-it-yourself approach for $99 per month, or a freshman year for about $1,000 plus textbooks.”

So even if you or your parents didn’t sock away tens of thousands of dollars for your education, you can still start college today. And you can also graduate without being deep in debt.

We’ll bust another myth next week. Stay tuned!

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