Busted Myth of the Week: It’s too Late to Start College in September

Barry Lenson

Start College in September It’s already May, and if you don’t have plans in place to start college in September, maybe you think it is too late now. Not so! Here are two proven strategies that can keep your education on track.

Strategy One:  Start your college work at a community college near you.

It’s true that many community colleges have fallen on hard times lately due to shrinking state budgets. But the fact remains that most of them are still offering valuable courses that you can start in September – or over the summer. You can study at many of them for a year or two, then transfer to state schools or other institutions. Even highly competitive colleges love to accept students who excelled in their work at community colleges.

If you don’t know the community colleges in your area, Community-College.org offers a terrific online directory of them. You can search by state, course subject, or other criteria.

Strategy Two: Enroll in online college courses and start taking classes right away.

StraighterLine’s groundbreaking Freshman Year of College for $999 program offers one of the best values in American education today. Or if you prefer, enroll in just one or two college courses online to get your education rolling.

So don’t be disappointed if you got rejected by the colleges you were aiming for, or if you weren’t able to apply because you were working or had other life commitments.

Don’t stay mired in what didn’t happen in the past, because today is a great day to get started.

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