Busted Myth of the Week: Great Writers Are Born, Not Made

Barry Lenson

Many people believe that the ability to write well is a God-given talent. If it’s not present in your genes, you’re never going to develop it.

Not so! In fact, a little focused training can improve everyone’s ability to write. Writing is made up of a number of small skills which include . . .

  • The ability to plan the structure of what you will write.
  • A knowledge of the rules of punctuation and grammar.
  • Mastery of a vocabulary that is big enough to convey your ideas, especially in specialized topic areas like science or math.
  • Editing skills, which allow you to revise and improve your written work.

If your writing skills need improvement, one of StraighterLine’s writing courses offers a great place to start.

Take the online writing course, and watch your writing abilities grow stronger day by day. Is writing well a heaven-sent talent that you either have or not? The answer to that question is, no!

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