Busted Myth of the Week: Everybody Should Go to Community College

Barry Lenson

Busted Myth of the Week: Everybody Should Go to Community College

Community colleges are playing a bigger role in many high school students’ college plans these days. It’s a good trend, because community college offers a cost-effective college option for a lot of students.

But there’s a distinct possibility that high school guidance counselors are recommending community colleges to too many students these days. As one educator in New Jersey told us yesterday, “There are some students who really should go to regular four-year liberal arts colleges, and many of them are being counseled to apply only to community colleges, because that’s the easy way to start a college education.”

So, how can you tell if a regular liberal arts college is better for you? Here are some signs to look for:

  • You are not yet sure of your major, and you want to explore a range of options.
  • Your high school was weak in teaching writing, math, literature, and other basic skills you will need to succeed in life.
  • You have a keen intellectual interest in simply knowing more, rather than wanting to simply train for a job.
  • You are interested in pursuing a specialized profession - a writer, journalist, musician – and you have found a liberal arts college that has just the program that you need. 

Yes, it could be that a regular liberal arts college really is the best choice for you. If you believe that’s the case, you can attend one without breaking the bank by making use of reasonable online college courses to keep costs low.

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