Busted Myth of the Week:An Ivy League Degree Guarantees You a Great Job

Barry Lenson

Busted Myth of the Week:An Ivy League Degree Guarantees You a Great Job

There’s a common belief that graduates of Ivy League schools get first choice of plum jobs. But the good news is, it’s not true.

“When a candidate comes in for an interview, I look for maturity and enthusiasm, not the name of an Ivy school on the resume,” says M.T., the head of hiring at a New York accounting firm.

J.T., head of HR at a bank consulting firm, echoes those sentiments when he says, “If I see the right marketing and other courses on a resume, that’s when I call an applicant in for an interview. The prestige of the school he or she attended is not a consideration.”

You can find similar attitudes expressed in these responses to the question “Do all Ivy League grads get good jobs and admission to top grad programs?” on Yahoo Answers: 

  • “Your chances of getting a great job or getting into an Ivy graduate program are increased if you did extremely well as an undergraduate and can present glowing recommendations, but not all Ivy grads were top students. In other words, an Ivy degree is no guarantee of anything.”
  • “No, there are a lot of Ivy League grads that end up in debt and end up not doing well at all in life. So many students could have gone to average universities, received a 4.0 GPA there and managed to do good in life rather than going to an Ivy League and being just another face in a crowd. “
  • “About half of the Ivy League grads I know could have been doing what they are doing now if they had gone to the local state college (Rutgers). We've discussed this point and I also passed up Rutgers for a better school, though it wasn't Ivy.”

So, there’s another myth busted! The quality of your work and your attitude count for more than all the ivy crawling up the walls of all the buildings in elite institutions.

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