Busted Myth of the Week: All Online Courses are Completely Flexible

Barry Lenson

Busted Myth of the Week: All Online Courses are Completely Flexible

You probably assume that all online courses are completely flexible, right? Maybe you think that you can come and go from your virtual classroom whenever you like . . .

You can shut off your computer when you leave for vacation, turn it on when you return, and pick right up where you left off.

If you’re in the military and you’re in a combat situation for a few weeks, you can resume your online course with no problem.

If your family is moving, you can unplug your computer, plug it in again in your new home, and your course resumes.

The problem is, not all online college courses work that way.  The courses at StraighterLine do – they’re completely flexible. But other online courses are just as rigid as regular classes that you take in traditional classrooms.  You have to complete Unit One in the first week of class, Unit Two in the second week, and so on. Or they set a firm date for your final exam, and it can’t be changed.

So before you sign up for an online class or college, be sure to ask how flexible course schedules really are.  If you have a lifestyle that places unusual demands on your time – or if you would simply like the freedom to take extra time on lessons that really interest you – you’re looking for a flexible school, like StraighterLine.


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