Businessweek Names 20 College that Aren’t Worth the $$$

Barry Lenson

We’ve been saying for months that many colleges aren’t delivering good value – that they charge too much and deliver too little.

We hesitated to write up a list of colleges in that category, because it just didn’t seem like a good idea to go around pointing fingers at anybody. Plus frankly, publishing a list of overvalued colleges seemed like a good way to get sued by one of them.

But that worry has been lifted from our shoulders, because Bloomberg Businessweek just published a list of 20 colleges that offer, “Above-average costs and below-average return on investment.”

You can read all about them in the Businessweek article, “20 Colleges with High Tuition, Low ROI.” And while you’re there, you can watch a slideshow with a picture of each of Businessweek’s  under-performing schools.

But be warned, the slideshow is not a lot of fun.  How much fun could it be to look at pictures of all those students who are probably not going to get a good return on the roughly $200,000 that they are spending to earn a college degree?

It’s sad, and it makes us wonder whether a growing number of American colleges are about to price themselves out of business.

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