Burck Smith Discusses the Future of American Education on PBS

Barry Lenson

Burck Smith Discusses the Future of American Education on PBS

If you’d like to know more about StraighterLine and the future of American education too, we urge you to watch this recent interview on PBS with StraighterLine CEO Burck Smith.

In only a few minutes, our CEO gives answers to some questions that have probably been on your mind, including . . .

  • How much does it really cost traditional colleges to present big lecture courses, and how much positive income do they generate from each student who signs up?
  • Why are MIT, Harvard and other prestigious universities offering more of their courses free online, and is it possible to use their courses to earn college credit? (Answer: You can’t earn credit from their courses, at least not at the present time.)
  • How will traditional colleges and universities change when a growing number of students will be doing most of their college work online?
  • Is it possible to take courses for a flat fee of only $100/month, plus $39 for every college course you start? (Answer: Yes it is, if you are a student at StraighterLine.)

Those are only a few of the questions that Burck Smith answers in this new interview. We urge you to watch and learn!

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