Britain Plans to Triple Tuition Nationwide But Guess What – College Will Still be TONS Cheaper than in the USA

Barry Lenson

Britain Plans to Triple Tuition Nationwide But Guess What – College Will Still be TONS Cheaper than in the USA

The newswires are humming with the news that the British government is planning to triple the tuition that students pay in English universities.  People are grumpy, furious – nearly as mad as all those people in France who might have to wait until age 62 before they can retire.

But hold on a minute. A little investigation of the British situation reveals that if college tuition does really triple in Britain, that means that the maximum tuition that universities could charge would be 9,000 pounds a year. That’s a paltry $14,500 U.S. In other words, chump change in comparison to the $35,000+ that many American college students are paying.

So triple or not, British students are still enjoying life on Easy Street in comparison with American students.

Here are some more facts and figures from Reuters about the proposed U.K. tuition hikes . . .

  • The tuition hike is happening because the British government has cut funding to higher education by 40%.
  • Until the tuition increase passes, the current maximum tuition that British universities may charge is 3,290 pounds – that’s about $5,300 American.
  • The British government makes loans available to all college students. And the loans differ a lot from American government loans.  In Britain, repayment terms are pretty mild. Students only need to start repaying loans when they start to earn more than 21,000 pounds a year (about $33,000). And even then, they only repay the loan at the rate of 9 percent of their salary that exceeds those 21,000 pounds. Translation: British government-funded student loans are a lot cheaper than most any American loan you can name.

So students of Britain, we feel for you. When anything triples in cost, it takes some adjustment.

But if you come here to the U.S. and see what we are up against, you might just conclude that triple or no, Britain is still doing a great deal to help its citizens gain access to higher education.

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