Best Free Phone Apps For Student Success

Best Free Phone Apps For Student Success
Beth Dumbauld

With so much technology available to us, we have all of the resources to succeed, but at the same time it can be overwhelming trying to find the best apps to download without having to try them all. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite tools to help students study, stay on track and keep a budget.

Best Apps for Studying

Studying for the next big test or exam can become repetitive. With these apps, you can switch up your studying routine and retain more information while doing so.

Apps to Help when Writing a Paper

It happens to everyone, you’re on a roll writing a great paper, and then you hit a wall. These apps can help you breeze through the rest of your paper all the way through the cited sources.

  • Citation Generator - makes citations for you, with both APA and MLA format options
  • Dictionary – If you get stuck on a word or need a synonym, it’s helpful to have a dictionary on hand

Group Project Management Apps

When working in a group, not everyone has the same mindset or focus to get a good grade as you may have. Use these apps to hold every person (and yourself) accountable for the tasks assigned.

  • Trello - helps organize and manage different tasks
  • Flora – keeps your group members off of their phones and held accountable for their part of the project (every time you start the timer, you plant a tree. Whenever someone in the group leaves the app, the tree dies. All members of the group can see who was at fault.)

Apps to Stay Productive

Intro: Picking up our phones to check our email, texts or social media has become second nature. We don’t realize how much time we spend looking at our phones, until we try to stop. Use these apps to make sure you’re using your phone for productivity instead of senseless scrolling.

  • Freedom - Restricts access to certain websites over a set time period
  • Do – Create to-do lists and enjoy the feeling of productivity when you get to check them off

Apps to Stay Organized

With multiple different classes, appointments, volunteering, work and social commitments, it can be hard to keep track of assignments and responsibilities for each, that’s why these apps makes it track your time, deadlines and appointments.

  • Wunderlist - Keeps track of all deadlines, assignments, appointments etc.
  • Life Cycle – Automatically tracks your time and habits to see where and how you’re spending the most time and learn more about your habits both good and bad

Helpful Budgeting Apps

It’s easy for your budget to get kicked to the wayside with everything else going on in your busy life, however it’s important to stay on track. These apps will show you where you spend the most money and how you can cut back unnecessary spending.

  • Mint - Keeps track of spending by connecting debit/credit cards
  • Venmo – Charge/pay friends for things to stay on track of your budget

Downloading just a few of these apps can make a huge difference in your organization, productivity and spending, which in turn can help make your life less stressful. Try a few, they’re free, and see how these apps can help you!

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