Best Educational Resolutions for Year 2012

Barry Lenson

Best Educational Resolutions for Year 2012

Educational Resolutions for Year 2012 Are you making New Year’s resolutions this year? Good! Here are some to consider in the educational area of your life. All are powerful, because they have the potential to move you closer to your educational goals. And all are practical, because you can get each of them done within the next 12 months if you use online learning.

Here are some commitments that could belong on your list of things to do in 2012 . . .

  • Start going to college. Remember, you can do this in the least expensive and more user-friendly way possible, by taking courses online.
  • Finish going to college. If you need to complete only one or two courses to complete your degree, this could be the year to do it.
  • Resume your college studies at a new institution. If you started college earlier in your life – maybe even much earlier - online courses can offer an effective way to resume college and maybe even transfer to a new college as a full-time student.
  • Explore a new area of study. Have you always been interested in sociology, accounting, or math? Why not set aside some time for learning and exploration this year?
  • Learn just for the heck of it – or for self-improvement. In years past, it cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to take a single college course. Today, you can take an online course at such a reasonable cost, why not?
  • Use learning to empower your career. If you’re thinking of starting a new company, for example, could you increase your chances of success by learning more about business basics, accounting, or another subject that applies? This could be your year to do it.
  • Use online coursework as a training tool at your company. Whether you want to improve your work team’s ability to sell, analyze data, or market, you can find online learning resources that can serve your business’s educational needs.

Those are only a few educational resolutions that you can achieve this year by using online learning. Bet you can think of more!

StraighterLine wishes you every educational success in 2012 and beyond!


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