Bedbugs, Hazing, and More Weird College News of the Week

Barry Lenson

Bedbugs, Hazing, and More Weird College News of the Week

Weird College News of the WeekThis week has brought a wave of college news stories that could be called funny, disgusting, disturbing, and just plain weird.  Here’s a quick rundown . . .

  • Huge flap over fraternity hazing hits Dartmouth College. Here’s a story that is anything but funny. If you want to see a huge tempest brewing over the topic of fraternity hazing, drop by the website of The Dartmouth, Dartmouth’s campus newspaper.  It is a disturbing story on many levels. First a student wrote an editorial  that described hazing rituals that are so revolting, I won’t even summarize them on this blog.  That student and his story have now been discredited by some members of the Dartmouth community.  Alumni are sending comments to the paper, saying in essence, “It can’t be so – nothing like that was happening when I went to Dartmouth years ago.” But at the same time, more than 100 members of the Dartmouth faculty have signed a letter condemning hazing at the school.  So something – who knows what? - must be happening.  The question is, what do fraternities and hazing have to do with learning anything? Anybody ask that question lately?
  • Dixie State College tried selling naming rights to bathroom stalls, but failed.  If you want to leave a permanent mark on your alma mater, what could be better than having a plaque engraved with your name and screwed onto the door of a bathroom stall?  Nothing we can think of. And in fact, Dixie State College in Utah (funny name . . .) did try to sell naming rights to toilet stalls on campus for a while, then pulled back when the plan didn’t work. You can read all about it in USA Today.
  • Student majoring in criminal justice fined $200 for stealing a donut. According to an article in the Fort Wayne News Sentinel, a student at Northwest College was nabbed for shoplifting after grabbing and eating a donut in a local market without paying for it. What gave the story a twist (maybe the kid had really piked a cruller?) was that the student is majoring in criminal justice.
  • Bedbugs go undercover at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It’s no secret that bedbugs have been showing up in college dorms across America over the last year. (They’ve also been infesting hotels, apartment buildings and movie theaters.)  But here’s an odd wrinkle. According to an article in The Daily Nebraskan, the housing department at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln asked a residence assistant (RA) not to tell students that bedbugs had been found in their dorm.  And you know what? That’s not a nice thing to do at all.

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