Back to School Sales

Barry Lenson

Now that September is only days away, it’s time to shop the sales for the gear you need to get the school year off to a good start.
Here’s some stuff you might want to stock up on now . . .

Get a radical-looking new portable hard drive. You’ve got to back up all your stuff, right? So why not invest $119.99 in a great-looking Radical Skin portable hard drive from Iomega? It looks like something out of Mad Max, but it’s a solid, 500 GB workhorse to store all your coursework, videos, and music with room to spare.

Buy a sofa bed for your dorm room. Friends will be dropping by, right?  Target sells a nifty black one we like, and it costs just $99.95.

Equip yourself with a new pair of Frye boots. has tons to choose from, including the classic unisex Campus model, which costs about $280.

Snag a new LED television for your dorm room. LG’s model 32LE5400, at just 32” diagonal, is a good size for your dorm room or apartment. And at about $1,100, it won’t completely break the bank.

Get an espresso machine to keep you cranking. If you want an espresso or latte without traipsing across campus, Breville’s Modena espresso machine gets the job done for only $149.95.

Buy your whole college freshman year for $999. Obviously, this is the biggest bargain of all. And you really can do it at StraighterLine with online college courses.

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