Are You in the Military? Are You a Veteran? Then Jumpstart Your Education on Memorial Day

Barry Lenson

Jumpstart Your EducationIf you answered yes to either of the questions in the title of today’s post, we’d like to start out by thanking you. This Memorial Day, we honor you for your service.

And we’d like to ask one more question too. Have you considered taking online courses here at StraighterLine to get a start on your college education?

If you believe that you are too busy to start your college work by taking online courses, here are some questions to consider before you rule it out . . .

  1. Are you ambitious? Great! Online learning can prepare you for a career – and a better future – starting today.
  2. Have you learned valuable skills while in the military? Of course you have. Taking online courses can be a good way to turn your knowledge into college credits. If you worked in security, for example, you can take Introduction to Criminal Justice and prepare to study criminal justice or forensics in college. If you worked a desk job and would like to start a company or go into management, one of StraighterLine’s excellent business courses can help pave the way.
  3. Do you have two or three hours available a week to do the work necessary for an online course? If so, you should consider starting courses now.
  4. Are you stationed far away from American colleges? It doesn’t matter. You can study wherever you are, whether you are stationed in South Carolina or South Korea. Your classroom is as close as your nearest computer. And if you are going to be deployed to new places, that doesn’t matter either, because your classroom is portable when you take courses at StraighterLine. It’s another reason why online learning is ideal for military personnel.
  5. Do you have a family that depends on you – or will you soon? If so, starting to earn a college degree right now makes a lot of sense. Why wait until you return to civilian life when you can start building a better future for you and your family right now?
  6. Is your schedule erratic and crazy? No matter. You don’t have to try to find classes that fit into your weekly schedule. Your classes start whenever you log in.
  7. Do you believe that it will be difficult for you to get into a good college after you are discharged, or while you are still in active service? Again, you don’t have to worry. Many of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges are attuned to the specialized needs of military personnel and veterans, and they are eager to welcome you.

So you see, there is no need to put your dreams on hold just because you are serving our country or because you are a veteran. You can start building a better future today.

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