Do You Yearn to Change the World? Your Journey Starts Today

Barry Lenson

Change the WorldNot too many years ago, entrepreneurs were people with big ideas who were interested in making a lot of money. Social activists were people who wanted to improve the world. Very different people, right?

But that has changed. Today, we have social entrepreneurs. They are people who want to use their vision and business skills to make the world a better place.

Many of them are doing it. If you want to see how, you’ll want to check out the Forbes Magazine Impact 30 list, a directory of 30 top social entrepreneurs who have been identified by the Forbes editors.  On that list, you’ll get to know social entrepreneurs like these . . .

  • Jane Chen, the 32-year-old founder of an organization called Embrace. Jane helped to create the Themapod, a rechargeable sleeping bag-like device that keeps newborn babies warm. Jane distributed the device last year in India, and now she is rolling it out to developing countries where babies require special care.
  • Jordan Kassalow, the 50-year-old head of VisionSpring. Under Jordan’s leadership, 9,000 women are now selling low-cost eyeglasses to needy people in seven developing countries.
  • Linda Rottenberg, the 43-year old founder of Endeavor. Through her organization, Linda has created mentoring and other programs to encourage the growth of entrepreneurship in Latin America. Her organization states that it has created 100,000 jobs and contributed billions of dollars to local economies.

Is it Time to Add Your Name to the List?

If you have the vision and drive to make the world a better place, here’s a way to begin making your dream a reality. It’s StraighterLine’s new Startups for Social Entrepreneurs Program.

How does it work?

The program consists of four courses. When you have completed them, you will earn a Social Entrepreneurship Certificate. And when you are done, you’ll know how to start and run a business that will target social, environmental or economic problems.

The cornerstone of the new Certificate program is the Venture Planning for Social Entrepreneurs course, facilitated by Dr. Kristin Joos. Dr. Joos is a powerhouse in social entrepreneurship. In 2005, she founded the Sustainability & Social Impact (ISSI) Initiative in the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. She’s now the Director of the Young Entrepreneurs for Leadership & Sustainability High School Summer Program at the University of Florida.

In the Social Entrepreneurship Certificate program, you’ll be required to take three other courses too. They are all self-paced courses from StraighterLine: Introduction to Business (BUS101), Business Communications (BUS105), and Business Ethics (BUS106). You will earn three credit hours in each of these courses. So as you can tell, your Social Entrepreneurship Certificate will represents a significant educational accomplishment – one that will open doors for you as you raise funds to launch your enterprise, attract like-minded social entrepreneurs, and more. 

But there’s a Deadline!

You can start other StraighterLine courses whenever you want. But this program is different. Dr. Joos will begin teaching her Venture Planning for Social Entrepreneurs course on June 17th, 2013. That course ends on August 23rd. You will then have four months to finish your other three self-paced courses. But to assure that you have a seat in this program, you should sign up as soon as possible. Visit the Social Entrepreneurship Program Page to find out how.

Is your personal dream to fight pollution, help farmers, feed children, or advance the cause of women in developing countries? Only you know how you would like to change the world. But whatever your vision may be, StraighterLine is excited to offer you the chance to take a first step on your journey.

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