Are America’s Most Expensive Colleges Also the Best?

Barry Lenson

Did you just hit the Mega Millions Lottery? Did Uncle Gustave just die and leave you his fleet of Greek oil tankers? Then why not attend one of the most expensive colleges in America? Nothing but the best, right? 

Here’s a list of America’s 10 most expensive colleges for you to consider. Compiled by the editors of Forbes, this list totals up tuition, fees and room and board costs . . .

  • Sarah Lawrence College: $57,556
  • Columbia University: $54,385
  • Bard College: $54,275
  • Wesleyan University: $53,976
  • Vanderbilt University: $53,660
  • University of Chicago: $53,364
  • Harvey Mudd College: $53,358
  • Georgetown University: $53,340
  • Bates College: $53,300

Is there a disconnect here?

Just last August, Forbes created another list – a list of America’s 20 best colleges and universities, based on student ratings. 
That Top 20 list included Williams College; Princeton University; Amherst College; United States Military Academy; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Stanford University; Swarthmore College; Harvard University; Claremont McKenna College; Yale University; United States Air Force Academy; Wellesley College; Columbia University; Haverford College; Wesleyan University; Whitman College; Pomona College; Northwestern University; California Institute of Technology; and the University of Chicago.

As you might have noticed, only three institutions appear on both lists. They are Columbia, Wesleyan and the University of Chicago. 


That’s pretty curious, right? But we didn’t make the lists, we only put them side-by-side here on our blog so you can draw your own conclusions. Don’t you agree that it’s time for American colleges and universities to start offering value for the dollar? We do. That’s why StraighterLine now offers Freshman Year of College for less than $1,000.

When Forbes compiles a list of America’s best educational values, maybe we will make #1.  


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