Applications Surge at Top Colleges and Universities

Barry Lenson

Applications Surge at Top Colleges and Universities

Applications are on the rise at America’s most prestigious universities, despite their $50,000+ annual price tags. Here are some statistics reported in “Harvard Nets 35,000 Applications,” an article that Daniel de Vise wrote for The Washington Post last week . . .

Harvard got nearly 35,000 applications this year - a 15 percent increase over last year and a 50 percent jump in just four years.

Northwestern got 30,529 applications - an 11 percent increase over last year and a 200 percent jump since 2005.

Stanford got 34,200 applications - a 7 percent increase since last year.

The University of Chicago got 21,660 applications  - a 12 percent increase since last year.

So what’s going on?  de Vise thinks that top students are applying to more schools than ever before. We think another trend is at work too. We believe that in the current economic climate, more students and their families believe that a degree from a top school guarantees a job after graduation.

Could be.  But whatever is going on, here’s another statistic to ponder from de Vise . . .

One out of every 50 American high school graduates applied to Harvard University this year.

Maybe Harvard should open another campus.

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