An Invitation for Working Mothers to Go Back to College

Barry Lenson

An Invitation for Working Mothers to Go Back to College

Working Mothers Go Back to CollegeAre you a working mother or a single mother who would like to earn a college degree?

If so, you already have earned our respect, because you are thinking about taking on one big challenge.  Raising your children is a big enough job to take on, all by itself. When you add the additional challenges of earning a living and going to college, you could be taxing your resources to their limits.

Yet here is a compelling reason why you should be thinking about earning a college degree:

You can increase your earning potential and give your family more financial security if you go back to school to earn a degree. A study completed by The College Board in 2010 determined that families headed by four-year college graduates earn a median income of $99,716. That is more than twice the median income for families headed by high school graduates.

How Can You Find the Time?

That’s the big question. On top of parenting and working a job, how are you possibly going to find the time to go to college to earn a degree?

The answer to that question, as more and more moms are discovering, is to take college courses online.  It makes a lot of sense, for reasons like these ...

  • You can pursue your coursework at any time. There is no need to hire a babysitter to take care of your kids every Tuesday night so you can drive to a local college to take your courses. You can take classes at any time that works for you – after the kids to go bed at night, at lunchtime if you are working a regular job – anytime.
  • You can take your courses anywhere.  Thanks to laptops, you can go to class wherever there’s a Wi-Fi connection.  That could be in a public library, in your company cafeteria or a vacant meeting room, even in coffee bars or other public places. 
  • You can budget effectively and spend as you go. Online learning offers you the option to pay for one course at a time as you pursue your studies.  There is no need to take big student loans, sign up to pay huge tuition bills – or put off starting college until you have saved up thousands of dollars.  You can start small and keep your outlays small, for as long as you are in school.

How Can You Get Started? 

If you are not sure how to get your college work started, you owe it to yourself to download your copy of The StraighterLine Guide: How to Go Back to College, a free new report written by Beth Dumbauld. Packed with practical information and advice, this report clearly spells out . . .

  • Where the jobs are and what to study to get them
  • How to choose the right school and program for you
  • Ways to get credit for what you already know
  • Tips for getting the most financial aid
  • Strategies for saving money while getting your degree
  • And much, much more!

Download your free copy of The StraighterLine Guide: How to Go Back to Collegewith no cost or obligation. In the interest of your family and your success, get the earning power of a college diploma working for you now.


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