An Invitation for Veterans to Go Back to College

Barry Lenson

An Invitation for Veterans to Go Back to College

Veterans to Go Back to College

“I completed a year of college before I joined the Marines and now I want to go back and finish up,” a veteran named Jeremy emailed us recently. “Am I alone? Do you have any idea how many other veterans completed some college before going into the service?”

We tried to find out how many current service people put their college work on hold before enlisting, and we couldn’t.  We did, however, find many articles online that document the fact that a growing number of veterans, thanks to the GI Bill, are finding their way back into classrooms at many of America’s colleges.

A number of excellent American colleges and universities, including Excelsior College and Western Governors – are eager to welcome veterans.   If you invest a little time reading the profiles of them and the other StraighterLine  Partner Colleges, you will learn about the extra services that they provide for veterans. They have counselors to help vets obtain college credit for the training that they had in the military, for example, and financial counselors who can help obtain veteran-targeted financial assistance.

Incidentally, going back to finish college can be a very wise financial decision. According to a recent study conducted by The College Board, people who have earned a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn about 66% more during a 40-year working life than the typical high school graduate earns over the same period.

How Can You Learn More? 

If you are not sure how to get your college work restarted, you owe it to yourself to download your copy of The StraighterLine Guide: How to Go Back to College, a free new report written by Beth Dumbauld. Packed with practical information and advice, this report clearly spells out . . .

  • How to choose the right school and program for you
  • Ways to get credit for what you already know
  • Tips for getting the most financial aid
  • Strategies for saving money while getting your degree
  • And much, much more!

Download your free copy of The StraighterLine Guide: How to Go Back to College, with no cost or obligation. In the interest of your family and your success, get the earning power of a college diploma working for you now.


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